21 June 2012

Digital strategies for the next-generation enterprise

Enterprise technology is a key competitive differentiator, and those organizations that don’t try to stay ahead of the curve risk a difficult game of catch-up. What trends should the forward-thinking company adopt? Dion Hinchcliffe has ten answers.

The increasingly “mobile, social and cloudy” world we live in means that the pace of technological advancement is breakneck. New advancements, new platforms and new customer expectations place demands on enterprises to adapt and survive – especially from a technological standpoint.

Hinchcliffe’s digital strategies are aimed at “next generation” enterprises, which he defines as:

“…organizations that are proactively moving into the present by changing how they assimilate, architect, apply, and maintain their technology solutions in the context of updating and transforming their processes, structure, and business models to effectively align with and work natively in today’s networked and highly digital economy. While that may be a mouthful, it also accurately describes what most organizations must do to ultimately avoid disruption in the marketplace as technology increasingly defines how our businesses engage with and provide value to the world.”

Detailed further in his post, the ten digital strategies are:

  1. Mobile customer self-service
  2. Open supply chains/APIs
  3. Employee social network
  4. Gamified business processes
  5. Community-based customer care
  6. Unified communication
  7. End-user led IT and competitive
  8. Mobile IT reinvention
  9. Migration to the cloud
  10. Digital business leadership and transformation

Source: “This Year’s Ten Digital Strategies for the Next-Generation Enterprise” (Dion Hinchcliffe, a.k.a. @dhinchcliffe)


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