22 December 2014
Peter Bogaards
Peter Bogaards

Top 5 BiRDS posts from 2014

B!RDS has had another successful year. Regularly, we managed to publish relevant, interesting and valuable content. Content created by CX professionals from within Informaat and curated content by others from outside. This year our focus has been on the interaction of design thinking and systems thinking, design for login/security and CX excellence.

These are the 5 blogposts of 2014 which were the most interesting according to our readership.

At the INTERSECTION of design thinking and systems thinking
(Peter Bogaards ~ 1 May 2014)
“Last month, I attended an event on what hopefully will become a new community of knowledge and practice: strategic enterprise design. at intersection (Paris, 16-17 april 2014), the communities of experience design and enterprise architecture and design hooked up, each with their own views, opinions and insights on the enterprise of the future. The conference was a cross-disciplinary encounter of communities, previously hardly aware of each others existence. And as they say, ‘cool things happen at the edges’.”

What all UX designers should know about login and security
(Willemijn Prins ~ 29 August 2014)
“The more secure you make something, the less secure it becomes. why? because when security is too much in the way, people will think up short-cuts, work-arounds and hacks to get the job done. as UX designers, we can (and must) do something about it. in this post, I’ll try to explain the security process of digital access and what single sign-on, multi-factor and adaptive authentication mean. I’ll outline the theory with a few cases, one of which is a security-related project I worked on for an insurance company.”

The brand experience and user experience alliance: The necessary step towards customer experience excellence
(Rob van der Haar ~ 19 December 2014)
“This is a plea for a tight cooperation of brand experience (BX) and user experience (UX) professionals in the financial sector. It’s my conviction that such an alliance contains opportunities for financial organizations to improve their customer experience in general and their credibility in particular.”

Four guiding principles for CX excellence
(Editor ~ 16 May 2014)
“Similar to operational, financial or strategic excellence, customer experience (CX) excellence is an organizational competence, capability or capacity. In the 21st century, organizations with a high degree of CX excellence are more successful than others. They focus not only on the needs, expectations and dreams of customers, they also tend to have high levels of employee engagement. The level of cx excellence can be determined for all kinds of organizations, both profit and not-for-profit. While CX excellence for commercial organizations may result in increased profit, growth and shareholder value, for government agencies it reduces costs, increases trust or builds on renewed connections with citizens. But what are the principles guiding organizations to cx excellence?”

How employee engagement impacts the customer experience
(Editor ~ 14 March 2014)
“Engaged employees are a great asset for companies, especially in relation to delivering great customer experience (CX). in a webinar (2012), customer experience transformist Bruce Temkin (of the Temkin group) and chair of the customer experience professionals association (cxpa.org) explains how companies with superior customer experiences and loyal customers deal with the engagement of their employees.”

About the author

Peter Bogaards (a.k.a. @BogieZero) is the editor-in-chief of our blog BiRDS. Peter also works as a curator and coach at Informaat experience design. He has been an online content curator avant-la-lettre in various UX-related fields for almost three decades, choosing what he thinks is interesting, relevant or remarkable to share.

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