1 December 2017
Peter Bogaards
Peter Bogaards

Where we are and what awaits us in 2018

Collecting new year trends from crystal ball readers

At the end of every year, analysts, thinkers and watchers provide their view on where we stand and what’s ahead of us in the coming year. These crystal ball readers predict our future with lots of statistical materials, like diagrams, charts and other nifty visualizations. Applied to various domains such as the internet, mobile or (social) media, they all agree on one thing: Digital disruption of society is getting stronger and stronger. So, what are their predictions for 2018?

I’ve found the following collections of trends (more to come for sure) for 2018.

The state of UX in 2018

“We have seen quite a lot this year. After curating and sharing 1,926 links with 189,489 designers all over the world, we see a few trends in what our industry is writing, talking, and thinking about. Here is what to expect for UX in 2018.” ~ (UXdesign.cc)

2018 Fjord Trends: A look at what’s ahead for the future of business, technology and design

“2018 Theme: Tension – Over the past year, we’ve watched a polarization effect weave its way through many areas of our lives. Disagreement is no new phenomenon, but the current gulf between opposing opinions is remarkable. Open versus closed. In versus out. Each and every one of our seven trends this year is borne out of a fundamental tension, whether it’s a shift, a disagreement, a collision or a parting of the ways. Digital versus physical, human versus machine, centralized versus decentralized, speed versus craft, automation versus control, traceability versus anonymity… it’s all here this year. How we navigate these tensions and design for positive, long-lasting change in 2018 and beyond is more critical now than ever before.” ~ (Fjordnet)

13 tech trends that shaped 2017 and new predictions for 2018

“The technology trends of 2017 were big and impactful, with artificial intelligence (AI) topping the charts, along with on-demand workforce platforms and designing for the human experience. In 2018, technology is set to shift an even bigger focus on the internet of things (IoT), AI and machine learning. To find out what technologies helped shape 2017 and what tech trends to expect in 2018.” ~ (Scott Gerber, TNW)

9 big design trends that will shape 2018

“In the design industry, there is some good news. Many designers are taking their own roles in the events of 2017 to heart–and many of them have big plans to make 2018 a better year. We talked to everyone from systems thinkers and industrial designers to AI specialists, political activists, and chocolatiers, and asked each of them to name the trends and forces they think will shape the coming year. Not only did they offer us a slew of industry shifts to watch out for; all of them shared that they feel an urge to make 2018 a better year than the last. In their plans, you’ll hear the optimism and self-reflection that only a year like 2017 could inspire.” ~ (Mark Wilson, FastCo.design)

10 UX Design predictions for 2018

“We’re living in a time when design and user experience have never mattered more. The past decade of change shows us that design must constantly adapt as a discipline in order to meet user needs.While it’s impossible to see the future, we can still make some educated guesses about it. In this article, I go through some of the trends that will shape UX design in 2018 and, possibly, for several more years to come.” ~ (Nick Babich, Adobe CreativeCloud)

The 5 biggest UX design trends for 2018

“2017 was a big year for the tech industry, with voice-first gadgets and virtual reality (VR) among some of the major highlights. This year will be all about usability: taking these technologies and making them accessible and enjoyable for the everyday user. This puts great responsibility in the hands of UX designers, and agility and collaboration will be more important than ever. What does 2018 hold for UX, and what does this mean for designers? Here are our top five UX trends to look out for this year.” ~ (Raffaela Rein, creative bloq)

2018’s Trends in Web Design and Web Development

“Conventional web design pretty much only exists in email newsletters. As if the nineties were not over yet, fixed definitions and tables are still used as layout frameworks. As a veteran, one can quickly become wistful. Nowadays, the design is more development than visual design, and the functionality is a lot more important than pure looks. Thus, I don’t see our designs advancing in 2018 from a visual point of view, as minimalism has been established for years, and is unlikely to ever vanish due to the steadily growing mobile web usage. As a result, I don’t expect brand new trends and believe that trends we can already see will just increase in popularity.” ~ (Dieter Petereit, noupe)

Top IT trends in 2018: Customer experience

“Joe Manuele, Group Executive, Customer Experience and Workplace Productivity, and Rob Allman, Group Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Collaboration, share their thoughts on the top customer experience trends to watch in the year ahead.” ~ (Dimension Data)

Predictions 2018: A year of reckoning

“2018 will be a year of reckoning for those that have held on too long or tried to bootstrap their way through transforming their business. Simply put, the distance between customer expectations and the reality on the ground is becoming so great that a slow and gradual transition is no longer possible. Incrementalism may feel good, but it masks the quiet deterioration of the business.” ~ (Forrester, registration)

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