1 December 2019
Peter Bogaards
Peter Bogaards

Where we are and what awaits us in 2020

Collecting new year trends from crystal ball readers

At the end of every year, analysts, thinkers and watchers provide their view on where we stand and what’s ahead of us in the coming year. These crystal ball readers predict our future with lots of statistical materials, like diagrams, charts and other nifty visualisations. Applied to various domains such as the internet, mobile or (social) media, they all agree on one thing. Although digital disruption of society is getting stronger and stronger, in many areas the downsides become apparent as well. So, what are their predictions for 2019? I’ve found the following collections of trends (more to come for sure) for 2020.

Fjord Trends 2020 – Ready, reset, reinvent: The future of tech, design and business trends

“Capitalism is evolving. People are becoming increasingly conscious and hyper-aware of how their purchases affect others and Earth’s resources. Growth for profit alone will fade away as people demand products and services that are personally meaningful and socially and environmentally beneficial. 5G technology will create a wealth of exciting opportunities for new products and services. Delivering faster data speeds than ever before, 5G will help brands optimize the relationship between people and machines. The focus of design is transitioning from “me” to “we.” Design will shift to cast its net beyond the end user alone, pivoting from user-centered design to design for all life. Brands with a long-term, forward-looking view that care for the planet and people — and the causes that matter to them — will emerge as winners.” ~ (Accenture Interactive, Fjord)

UX Trend Report 2020

“(…) an annual magazine focusing the world of UX. It aims to identify trends and opinions in the community as well as document tendencies over the years to come. The UX Trend Report not just features interviews with design leaders from around the globe, but also wants to promote UX as a whole and is free of charge.” ~ (World Usability Congress, 2020)

The Future of User Experience: 5 Trends for 2020 and Beyond

“As technology evolves, user experience (UX) has come to play an important role in determining the success or failure of your business.” ~ (Noupe, 2020)

12 Service Design Innovation Trends for 2020

“In this article, I look at the seismic shifts that are happening in digital design right now; these changes will move the focus from consumer to co-creator and from metropolitan chic to global reach, thus realising the true value of open design. Here, design is democratised and operationalised through new, open platforms and methods such as card-based design. Find out how applied creativity can mature to reach its full potential, to become an indispensable business critical function that balances, human needs to technology in a sustainable business context.” ~ (John Knight, 2016)

The state of UX in 2020

“We have seen a lot this year. After curating and sharing 2,411 links with 358,917 designers all around the world, we have identified a few of the trends our industry has been writing, talking, and thinking about. Here’s what to expect for UX in 2020.” ~ (uxdesign.cc)

Tech trends 2020

“Deloitte’s 11th annual Tech Trends report provides insights and inspiration you will need for the digital journey ahead. Several of this year’s trends are responses to persistent IT challenges. Others represent technology-specific dimensions of larger enterprise opportunities. All are poised to drive significant change and transform business in unpredictable ways.” ~ (Deloitte)

2020 global marketing trends: Bringing authenticity to our digital age

“Our first Global Marketing Trends report is, in many ways, a response to this Fourth Industrial Revolution. Yet, it’s not a technology report. For no matter which era we live in or the technology it brings forth, the human remains constant throughout this relay of revolutions. This report is intended to guide the C-suite leadership in developing their strategies in this fast-changing digital milieu, while keeping the human front and center.” ~ (Deloitte)

Predictions 2020: On the precipice of far-reaching change

“A new decade begins with great uncertainty. Sweeping changes are poised to take place. But which ones? Read Forrester’s Predictions 2020 Guide to discover the dynamics that will define 2020 and beyond.” ~ (Forrester)

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