17 December 2020

Where we are and what awaits us in 2021

At the end of every year, analysts, thinkers and watchers provide their view on where we stand and what’s ahead of us in the coming year. These crystal ball readers predict our future with lots of statistical materials, like diagrams, charts and other nifty visualisations. Applied to various domains such as the internet, mobile or (social) media, they all agree on one thing. Although digital disruption of society is getting stronger and stronger, in many areas the downsides become apparent as well. So, what are their predictions for 2021? I’ve found the following collections of trends (more to come for sure)..

Fjord Trends 2021: Mapping out the new territory

“Across Fjord Trends 2021, the over-arching theme is mapping out the new territory. With the events of 2020 upending so much of what we took for granted, we now need to look ahead with focus and a desire to help people solve their challenges on their own terms. 2021 will redefine the 21st century.” ~ (Accenture Interactive, Fjord)

Method Year in Review 2020: Looking back, as we look ahead

“It was January 2020, and we were blissfully unaware. The New Yorkers were slurping noodles together near our studio in Chinatown, and the Londoners were going for pints at The Owl and Pussycat after workshops in our Shoreditch studio. We were on planes and trains to meet clients in San Diego, Portland, Bangalore, Zurich, and Paris. As designers and strategists, we often advise our clients on the need for resilience, and we espouse the importance of embracing ambiguity and uncertainty. Our words were stress-tested this year, to say the least. But they didn’t come up empty. Thanks to flexible technology, empathetic leadership, and raw perseverance, we’ve come out stronger, more globally connected, and with a greater sense of appreciation for each other and each other’s full, complex lives.” ~ (Method)

Content Predictions and Plans for 2021

“We finally made it to 2021. And your content approach likely looks a lot different than what you had on the books at the start of last year. As COVID-19 ravaged the world, it upended how we do business along the way. Digital disruption accelerated at an unprecedented pace. For example, more digital disruption happened in retail in eight weeks last spring than in the past 10 years combined. With the content industry evolving to meet new challenges, we asked content thought leaders to weigh in on their content predictions and plans for the year ahead. Read on to get content predictions and insights from content strategists, user experience architects, journalists, and other experts.” ~ (Content Science)

Web Design Trends 2021: The Report

“2020 was anything but normal. Consumers had their lives shaken up and many businesses experienced new challenges as well as opportunities thanks to the novel events of the year.” ~ (Smashing Magazine)

Content strategy (20), Customer experience (78), User experience (53)

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